Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Introducing Mokie Mae

Mokey is a Breezy/Logan offspring.  She is a multigen that will begin producing litters for Fox Creek Farm later this year.  She hopefully will pass along her beautiful red coloring and sweet personality to  her puppies.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

In this blog I have for you today, I would like to introduce Trapper, a stud who has sired many puppies! Trapper is the smallest of the studs weighting at 16 pounds!  One of his sons, Beamer, will begin siring litters in the spring.  Trapper is named after the old TV series, "M*A*S*H", one of Amy's old time favorites! She has named 3 other studs off the show as well - Radar, Hawkeye, and Winchester all of which are retired now.

I must say, Trapper is the goofiest of the studs. He seems to have no cares in the world and has a great sense of humor.  Although he is small, he is mighty! He is boss man to another stud who is BIGGER than him! You heard me right. :)

Who has a Trapper baby??   Feel free to share photos and updates!

Kennel Assistant

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This month Pebbles turned 15!

For those of you who do not know Pebbles, she was a puppy from the very first litter of F1 Mini/Medium Goldendoodles in the World! 

Pebbles is Amy's companion. Every morning Amy lets the dogs out and Pebbles comes RUNNING out the house, down the steps, through the yard and even plays with her dog friend, Levi. Pebbles has a unique routine - Amy calls it dog OCD! Pebbles will run over to the kennel, take a nap, bark to be let outside, come in and bark at her food bowl, eat, and then take another nap...repeat...Haha! 

For her age, Pebbles has no serious medical issues. She is on the same routine as the younger dogs, she gets wormed on schedule, bathed once a week, clipped, and brushed! She is a trooper. She will continue to live the rest of her dog life as a very much loved pet with David & Amy at Fox Creek Farm!